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This sites East-West confrontation and ideological antagonism:
... the most important units of the western and eastern world ...

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ART ON WALLART ON WALL - inconspicuous paintings and sculptures on buildings, which you see every day, but usually don't regonize. Urban art-on-wall from the cities of Lucerne, Vienna, Budepest and soon also other european cities... LUCERNLUCERN - Luzern/Lucerne/Lozärn, a very nice city in the middle suisse - absolute subjective. (City, Wey-Frogs, Hotel Hofgarten, Pretty Houses, Fasching, Panorama, Verkehrsmuseum) NONSENSENONSENSE - from everywhere. The themes: anti-tools, crazy roadsigns, public blue-screens-of-death, how-to-tell ...
VISUAL DOCUMENTATIONVISUAL DOCUMENTATION - the expo.02 in Switzerland, gallery of worldwide known paintings, art on streets, posters of Vienna Festwochen ... SOUND & LIVE MUSICSOUND & LIVE MUSIC- Tone Exhibition (Klangturm 2001), Report about concerts (Buena Vista Social Club in Vienna, Dave Matthews in Brussels, John Hammond in Lucerne, Megaflops in the Suisse, Makám in Vienna, Chi Kalé in Brilon)... SCIENTIFIC STUDIESSCIENTIFIC STUDIES - Alchemical, scientific & subjective studies about: advertisement (more is less), small cars (nonskin smarts), strange job-environments (workplaces) and your phantasy (what-is-this) ...

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