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Paintigs from all over the world.
Jean Dubuffet
July 31, 1901 - May 12, 1985

Campagne heureuse (1944, Oil on canvas) - Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

View of Paris with Furtive Pedestrians (1944, Oil on canvas) - Galerie René Drouin, Paris

Building Facades (1946, Oil on canvas) - The Museum of Modern Art, French

Terracotta la grosse bouche (1946) - National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Limbour façon fiente de poulet (1946, Oil emulsion on composition board) - Private collection

Dhôtel nuancé d'abricot (1947, Oil on canvas) - Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Huile sur toile (1948, Oil on canvas) - Collection Edmond Bomsel, Paris

Effigie rocher fruitleux, Stempelbild eines fruchttragenden Felsens (1958) Collection Obersteg Oberhofen

Limbour as a Crustacean (1946, Oil and sand on canvas) - Hirshhorn Museum, French

Crayon (1948, Pencil on paper) - Galerie Baudoin Lebon

Paysage Blond (1952, Oil on canvas) - Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon, France

Butterfly-Wing Figure (1953, Butterfly wings and gouache on paperboard) - Hirshhorn Museum, French

The Soul of Morvan (1954, Grape wood and vines mounted on slag base, with tar, rope, wire, twine, nails, and staples) - Hirshhorn Museum, French

Cow (1954, Ink on paper) - The Joan and Lester Avnet Collection

Hunt for the Two-Horned Creature (1963, Oil on linen) - Hirshhorn Museum, French

La Closerie Falbala (1969-76, classée Monument historique) - Ce jardin clos abrite la Villa Falbala

Kiosque L'evide' (1970-1984, Painted Polyester Resin) - Pepsico in Purchase, NY

The Dandy (1973-83, Epoxy painted with polyurethane) - Maguire Thomas Partners collection

Jardin d'email (1974, Sculpture garden) - Museum Kröller Müller

Mire G 69, Boléro (1983, Acryl on paper) - Private collection