... fleischlos, aber lustvoll ...

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Hotel Restaurant Hofgarten
Stadthofstrasse 14,
CH-6006 Luzern
Telefon +41 41 4108888
Telefax +41 41 4108333

how to find Hofgarten in Lucerne

E-Mail: hotel@hofgarten.ch & Homepage: www.hofgarten.ch
The building of Hofgarten and the restaurant garden, from the back side ... Made a few steps to right, you will see the Hofgarten from the left side... More steps to right and you will see how Hofgarten looks from the Hofkirche side... This is the facade of Hofgarten, the main entry, you see the two different, very old buildings ...
every handwritten or printed official paper (notice, mail, receipt, restaurnat menu, info-paper) has the characteristical backside of the house
each room has his own character, and design. take a look on the rooms no. 211, 215, 217, 242 and on some small specialities of this world...
"Fleischlos aber lustvoll" - this is the statement of mission of a vegetarian restaurant/hotel placed on the front of matchbox
This picture you see from the window of the hotel room, on the day of gündismontig, on the Fasching-Monday

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