Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
Road Transport, Rail Transport, Aviation and Astronautics, Cableways and Tourism in Suisse.
Road Transport

Speed is not everthing ...

... sure, it is!

Trip down memory lane.

Born to be wild!

A czechslovak Tatra from the '50.

Tatra & aerodynamics.

The Volvo of the Saint.

Car of long time ago...

May be the father of Smarts?

Pure elegance.

This hardware runs better without windows.



Oldtimer in blue.

One of the first trucks.


Berta Benz.

Berta Benz.


A Benz clone.

The Swiss People says: Historical Töff.

Velos, Mofas, Töffs.

Crash-test live!

Crash-test: before

Crash-test: in action

Crash-test: after