Tools used for everything and nothing at same time.

Absolutely fixed Helmet.

Remote Controller for Man.

Remote Controller for Women.

Toaster for the Big One.

Improvised Head-Set (1).

Improvised Head-Set (2).

Eyeglass for Cyclopse.

Important Multifunctionality.

Dragstar for Kids.

Gocart for Adults.

This Sewer needs Highwatermark.

Control Points.

Everybody gets his own level.

Most Important Key for Windows.


Sport & Homework.

The Keyboard of the Future.

Never ending Paper Towel.

Reverse Desktopboat.

Gullivers Couch.

Cabrio Mobile-Restroom (VAZ).

Cabrio Mobile-Restroom (BMW).

Swiss Mobile-Knife.

Fork & Knife in one.

For expensive shoes

For oculists with dithering hands.

Kloned mother?

Phisycal Hardcopy!

Cooler for Chopsticks.

The Ethernet killer.

The Ethernet Sniffer.

A Perfect Bureau-Machine.

The \"CTRL + ALT + DEL\" Machine.

A just enough shopping cart.

Cabrio Hardhat for Women.

Bird's eye view.

Gulliver's Shoe.

Motorbike for Beginners.

Motorbike for Professionals.

Mobile water-phone-box.

Gulliver's Bicycle in test.

Dangreous Target.


Army Knifes.

Very usefull Gate.

High-tech Mouse wheel.

Old fashioned cd-player.

Motorbike for Professionals.

Police-roller or rolling poclicemen?

Keyboard for fakirs.

IDE Killer.

Universal keyboard.

Russian Handheld.

For masochists only!

Hidden eyed Fatima.

This Reebok is not only for your mother...

Slow typing rate ...

... causes this!