how to tell
... this to my insurance company?

Very first how-to-tell in Paris.

Drive In (Austria)

Drive In (USA)

Hopefully it's water...

Second's later medical emergency needed.

Horse riding on the street ends here.

Don't get ahead of a plain.

Fatal jump.


David & Goliath - 0:1.

He can't repeat this, even if wanted.

Sysiphus overloaded.

Salami-Tactic indeed.

Cloned Titanic.


Women parking, what else!

GPS navigation says turn down...

Women parking, what else!

Mens parking, what else!

Forgottable on the road...

Wrong place...

No parking means no parking!

Ignored waring end here.

Yesss, them.

Early relxed car.

Winter floodding after brusting of pipes.

Open after half year only.

Teirs mom doest't knows about this bikerace.

This make the difference between D and R.

Keep cool and relax.

Never break for a pet!

The Force is with you. Pray...

Sitting on shit.

Low crossing airplanes.

Oversized biker.

Huston, Huston we have a problem!

Too much chili con-carne.

Heavy Beer.

Oops! Sombody was on the road!


Safe Parking I.

Safe Parking II.

Low-Budget Tuning.

Even don't think about ...

Rush hour.

Extracted cars.

A real Oldtimer.

No parking here, even for the police too.

Double touch down.

Exactly extracted.

This was not easy...

Deep into the building.

May be somethig missing?

Please repeat this jump!

Wrong Bus on wrong Way.

Don' drink and Drive, otherwise geting wicked.

What happens in the next seconds?

Neither portrait nor landscape.

Optimal parking.

Between the lines.

Arctical holes.

Yes, we can!


3rd type of connection.

The Chevy wins...

Iron is iron.

Max. height exceeded.

Compact car.

Rotate the big one.

Fire and Ice.

It was not enough parkplace yesterday.