scientific research
where programmer, administrators and employees sitting

a clean begin

dark end

notices overrules two outputs

nightmare of mothers

animals in vitro

animals in vivo

optimized chair

another optimized one


don' think, just work

open source at works

midi tower

mobbing ends here

to many sticks

to many people

mans workplace

womens workplace

the world is not eough

made in china

devils one

big enorh ashtray

correct combination

to fast cpu I.

to fast cpu II.

to fast cpu III.

nature mort


in floristical style

hot news arrived

at the begin

never touch a running system


never seen, but use I.

never seen, but use II.

the first mobile pc (not laptop)

low-budget pc I.

low-budget pc II.

ultimate simulator I.

ultimate simulator II.

at the end of the world

sampling piano

in the ghetto

the last one

long nigths and days

fast food or restaurant?

post-it I.

post-it II.

pushed through button

czech covered workplace

pressoffice dot pl

imac's everywhere

dream of playing freaks

fixed for eternity

bsod driven by the place