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This sites East-West confrontation and ideological antagonism:
... how the different monuments looks like in the western and eastern world ...
EXPO.02EXPO.02 - Five cantons, four locations, three lakes in a region with two languages - one country-exhibition: the Expo.02 was an occasion which Switzerland never see. The Expo.02 takes 159 days. From the 15th of May until the 20th of October, 2002 - there was more than 10 million entries registered at the 6. Swiss country-exhibition. Altogether 40 different exhibitions and numerous "inbetweens" (art and other projects) lured the public on the Arteplages of Biel, Neuchàtel, Murten, Yverdon and on the sort nuisance Mobile du Jura. More than 13.000 events (theater, concerts, street rackets and other cultural presentations) were to be experienced on stages and space. And: during the entreprise 8500 assistants stood altogether ready for the 1,6 billion Francs expensive Expo.02. STREET ARTSTREET ART (pictures) - a virtual art on a none virtual urban media. Pictures on streets ... GALLERYGALLERY - A lot of paintings existing over the world, somtimes you have the possibiility to see some of them. This gallery represents only those which we see personally. Nothing else.
STREET ARTSTREET ART (sculptures) - a virtual art on a none virtual urban media. Pictures on  places... WIENER FESTWOCHENWIENER FESTWOCHEN - Viennas Festival, every year they put something else on the streets. If their advertisementi are such good, what about concerning their content?
EUROSHOES '08EUROSHOES '08 - 16 Countries – 16 Shoes: Adidias created for each participaitor country of the UEFA EURO 2008™ shoes in thier own country colours. The most amazing for the fans was - of course - that one in the colours of his own country. On matchdays the playing countries shoepair was placed beside the oversized EUROPASS-Ball. This was a very popular photomotive forthe fans coming from the whole world.

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