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art on wall
tone, sound and music
lucernes walls as a mirror of the swiss society

the undiscoevered facade-art on houses of vienna

nothing new in the east - walls of a rebound in budapest

paris - the most beautifull city in europe

bratislava - the one & only 3 name capital in europe

anti-tools - nobody needs it

public blue screens (bsod)

busted roadsigns

how to tell this to my insurnace?

anti advertisement of the web

buena vista social club live in vienna

dave matthews band live in brussels

john hammond in the kkl (luzern)

megaflops - oldie-fäscht in gz grünau (march 25, 2001)

megaflops - go inn bar in wädenswil december 1, 2001 (photos - videos)

klangturm in st.pölten 2001

chi kale - in brilon (august 25, 2002)

makám in Vienna (october 2, 2003)

alchemical science & studies
visual documentation
examination of many non-skin smarts

visual analysis of different it workplaces

more is less - why this affects in the advertisement

The "What is this?" study looks at the experiences of your associative thinking

computer museum

expo.02 - the unforgettable event

picturesque art, but very subjective
advertising the wiener festwochen

art on street - pictures on unusual media

art on street - unusual sculptures on public places

euroshoes '08 - oversized shoes of the event

an attempt to visualize the city

it has croacked - the wey-zunft frogs 2001

old charme, new "joie de vivre" - hotel hofgarten

amazing houses of the city, enjoy...

from schmutziger donnerstig to güdismäntig - carnival in lucerne

panorama of the city and the environment

verkehrshaus - unbelievable touchable museum of technics

other, just by the way sites...
recomended external links

a little crazy cinema-posters from suva vasaros dot com
audio music
Marczius Tizenötödike